TSO: Saturday Morning Orientation

Went to New Simolean Apartments this time and had a conversation with a player named ginNjuice. She was very helpful in showing me the ropes on communication, interaction and skilling. Warned me against going anywhere that offers “free money.” Caution an undercurrent of conversation, but not an overwhelming one. Afterwards, tried to skill up at Charming Chess, but didn’t get far with that. Less lame today, but still no miracle game, and SWG came in the mail.

TSO: Started TSO

Installed TSO today and spent a little time tooling around. The radical zooms in and out make you feel a little disconnected. I like how Second Life manages these distances with flight, though the city view in TSO does have some nice map features.

Visited SSG headquarters. Two people there. Not fascinating.

So far TSO is kind of lame.