Good Moment in KOTOR

I’m getting back into Knights of the Old Republic and am glad I’m doing it… it’s really getting going for me. I’m in the Taris Lower City, where it took me several tries to get through the first band of crud combatants. I had to ditch my Sith armor for better armor, switch to a melee weapon, and medipac myself a few times during the battle. I figured I’d be more of a bad ass than I am, but I guess it’s OK since it’s an RPG.

Got propositioned for a little Pazaak but demurred. Met Mission and the Wookie and Gadon, the Mission Bek leader. There’s this moment where he asks to exchange security documents for your Sith Armor, and the way he says it has just this tinge of ambiguity… it was this great moment, where you’re not sure if the game is leading you into a poor decision a little bit. Of course, I’m a big loser, so I went to the walkthrough I preserved the magic of nonlinearity and purity of methodology by pressing on without any external help and realized it’s a good idea to exchange and that Gadon isn’t messing with you.