During Playing

The changes in player orientation mean more newbs in Theed and Mos Eisley. The guild could develop recruiting techniques accordingly. Just look for newb droid units.

How could the shuttleport waits be more useful? There should be a whole airport vibe. Allow cooks to set up vendors and entertainers to heal in those zones and you have something a little more interesting.

I sold some organics and healed some today. My play has been a lot less guild-oriented recently, probably because I’ve been spending less time online. I healed fairly anonymously in the Theed hospital for a major part of the day. Got some beans on the market… I’m making good money off of that.

I don’t know if I’m particularly into bio-engineer. I may relinquish it and do a creature handler/doctor thing. I’m so fickle.

Before Playing

Getting ready to go to the lab. Today:

  • Stay engaged with factions as you play. Think actively about the granularity and variation in that system.
  • Check out the progress made with our city’s “militarization.”
  • Poke around the remodeled Bestine if possible.
  • Collect some DNA.
  • Buy some grain from the Wookiee who’s collecting it for you.
  • Sell some more beans and put some power in the harvester.
  • Check out the new guild fishing cabin.

TestCenter and the New Tutorials

So I booted up test center to get a look at the new professions quests. My original experiences as a Novice Artisan way back when made me give it up pretty quickly; I was totally disoriented and the fun was lacking. I ended up picking up dancing and then combat because the activities were more straightforward… spent more than my share of time lost doing those at first too, though.

I’m running through Scout now, and I like the system. You are directed to a planet right after new player tutorial without a choice, which was surprising at first, but is nice really; it obviates picking a dead town at the get go. When you get to your starting spot (mine was Mos Eisley), you get a helper droid in your datapad. This droid walks you through your first profession tasks and gives you loot for completed tasks. I was taken through my first kill, my first crafting, my first camp. It’s a nice starter. I’m going to run it for Artisan next — there’s still stuff about the profession that eludes me.

Petsmart 2: Pet Smarter

So I decided to train in bio-engineer. It’s a good match with creature handler, allows me to mix crafting and exploring, and is fairly rare in the game. Or so I thought… another guild member, also training in bio-engineer, is worried that we will run each other out of business. Which seems odd, considering we have dozens of creature handlers and therefore, presumably, a pretty good consumer base. We’ll see.

To train in bio-engineer, one must:

1.) master hunting (got that, had to do it for creature handler)
2.) train as a medic and master organic chemistry (medical crafting)
3.) have 10,000 medical crafting points besides.

Step two involves the production of medical goods through the combination of organic and inorganic materials within a crafting interface. Many, many times over. About halfway through step two — I had gotten organic chem 1 and 2 but still needed 3 and 4 — people started asking me obvious questions like, why have you been sitting around for days? Why are you actually producing artifacts for every crafting action you undertake, rather than running practice mode? And, finally, why aren’t you macroing this?

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PetSmart and the results of a Liberal Arts Education

Now I’m a novice creature handler. I have a leviasquall (cute big bunny) which was given to me. I can use it to attack things. And I immediately realized: why am I working toward the Teras Kasi tree when my cute big bunny and his menagerie mates are going to take all my melee aggro?

So I keep my rifles skill for the ranged attack, work up my creature handler, and develop my new medic skills for a creature handler/bioengineer combo. Scale back on unarmed, even though I’m halfway to unarmed 4, I guess.

Here’s my crazy professions path so far: entertainer, scout, marksman, brawler, drop entertainer, medic, master hunter and explorer, novice creature handler, master rifles/apprentice sharpshooter, drop pistols and carbines. The grand result:

Scout 4/2/4/2
Creature Handler 0/0/0/0
Marksman 4/0/0/3
Medic 0/0/0/1 (almost 1/0/0/2)
Brawler 3/0/0/0

… as of today. I’m drifting toward commitment, I promise

Defending the Shuttleport

Last night I’m taking the shuttle back from Theed to my player city. The guild chat starts buzzing with talk of Imperials running rampant in the city (which is a Rebel city).

When I arrive in town, I see a couple of Imperial dudes running around, and then at least 12 Rebels in a group, running en masse toward the shuttleport, maybe two of whom I recognized. Whoa! They swamped the port, there was some fighting, some city banning… it was all a bit rushed and confusing… but it seemed like they got there a little late, because that was it for conflict. Afterwards there was a lot of tense standing around and tooth-gnashing.

I tried to talk to a couple of other guild members, but I think they were preoccupied, or else just didn’t want to talk to me then, maybe because I’m covert instead of overt. One player (the second Jedi I’ve seen) began shouting orders for some of the group to take positions. The group dispersed, with the exception of a few people manning the shuttleport. It seemed like a denouement.

So, I decided to take some solo missions for a while and then log off and go to bed. I’m outside the city sparring with some NPC cadets in a spawned Rebel mission, and the guild chat erupts again: Imps in town. Imps attacking. I hop on the speederbike and head for town.

And promptly get killed. I figured out the rules of PvP engagement last night: as a covert, I can’t usually get involved in combat… unless I’ve been fighting Imperials (as I had been), in which case I get the Temporary Enemy Flag and am fair game. Until now, fighting Imperials has been me vs. the server, discrete missions that I choose and seek out. This was different: I walked in and was clocked.

Once I cloned and emerged back into the city (now unflagged and invulnerable/invisible), I saw a huge number of imps, who seemed to be getting corralled and banned from the city. They all headed out, full of bravado, to kill more Rebels. Some of our team chased after. And then another big band of Rebels got there again, too late.

Developing a stronger Rebel presence in town has been a big topic for the guild. We’re accumulating faction and ammunition, and building alliances. I’m new, so I haven’t gotten too involved in it, but now it seems to have involved me. I have imaginings of our city becoming a battleground, of the bucolic hunting missions I take being regularly interrupted by Imperial attacks. Part of me wants to go overt and dedicate myself to PvP and an imagined “cause,” while another part just wants to be left alone to skilling, training animals, getting hides. I’m being swept up in a war and I don’t know how to feel about it or the future.

This is the emergent narrative I’ve been looking for.