Marginally Useful Notes

I put Ubuntu Feisty on our less-new Inspiron 600m this past weekend, and got Beryl running on it a couple nights ago, and then tweaked Beryl last night until I liked it. Wireless setup was way easier with Feisty and this system than it was on the last Inspiron (which had a Broadcom card).

I’m still getting some weird with losing network configurations and connections when the machine wakes up from sleep, but all in all it was the kindest Linux install ever.Once I get MTASC going in Eclipse, I’ll start the practice experiment of seeing how far one can go with Flash development without hopping onto a Windows box and the IDE.

Last night we walked over to the largeness that is the new Mars. It is way more shiny than the old Mars and had lots of shiny people. It was all too much… we’ll try again in a few weeks once it gets some patina. We then walked past a very crowded Guero’s and wondered once again what the big deal is, although the band in the yard was very nice.

Finally we ended up at the Woodland, which was not crowded at all, but should always be, because it is delicious. O tempore, o mores! If there is justice, all those Guero’s people will realize their folly and go up the street.

And now I realize that this has become the kind of blog where I tell you what I had for dinner. I’m going to indulge myself every once in a while with posts that I can’t justify as forwarding some sort of imagined academic debate.

I’m hoping that opens things up, leads me to write a little more about technology, and a little more in general. Besides, I really want people to go to the Woodland.


So, lost its host and went away for a little while. While we were gone:

  • Mike and I renovated the house.
  • We went on some trips. San Francisco, Kentucky, San Antonio. I was in King of Prussia, PA for a while.
  • I worked a lot, mostly managing things at the office but also getting to code a little. Got to work on a sim with John and enjoy his masterful development. Very nice.

Now I’m restarting this and wondering again if I can maintain a blog. I’m not entirely hopeful but Ellen is doing some cool stuff on her blog — she’s aggregating a lot of different content, which makes updating easier. I plan to swipe all of her awesome ideas, starting with her wordpress theme.