Maintenance Uptime

Well, that was easy. Both Movable Type and RSS imports in WordPress are apparently idiot-proof. A good chunk of old posts are in here now.

What’s missing is a period from 2003-2005 that I would like to get in here. My historical stuff from that period is in Drupal exported XML (I’d point you to a schema if there were one) and I’ll probably need to write a stylesheet and transform it into RSS, unless someone knows of a Drupal-export-to-WordPress-import that is better and doesn’t involve the gnarly custom queries that most Googlable pages on this topic recommend.

Anyway, Drupal to WordPress war stories welcome, but otherwise I’ll have the rest in here soon.

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3 thoughts on “Maintenance Uptime”

  1. Nah, I didn’t start using it until January of 2005. I just had second-generation stuff that made it from my db migration from MT to Drupal, but wasn’t represented in any of my other MT backups (though I’m not sure why: I’m still trying to figure out how my backups make sense in a historical context).

    Drupal 2005 was still a pretty mixed bag — it’s grown up a lot (as you of course know).

  2. I still wouldn’t recommend it for someone’s personal blog. It’s a great CMS and can easily handle the load of being a blog, but configuring it to look and work like blog software takes a lot of work.

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