Jason Craft playing game

Hello. I'm Jason Craft and this is where I keep my personal Web stuff.


I did my Ph.D. work at UT Austin, where I studied digital media, popular stories and games, genre theory and semiotics. In my dissertation, I put together a description of what I called fiction networks, and I analyzed the deformative effects they have on narrative. Nowadays, a lot of these ideas have coalesced around the term "transmedia."

Anyway, I wrote a dissertation about that, and there's a more digestible conference paper as well.

You can also take a look at The Annotated Flex Mentallo. This was a conference course project that has ended up becoming the most popular part of this site.

By Day

I build software for learning -- Web applications, simulations, interactive learning resources. I also lead teams of smart people who do this work. You can get all the details at my LinkedIn profile.

I live in South Austin with my husband Mike.